my favorite excerpts from "annie liebovitz at work"

"It didn't matter what the subject was. What mattered was photography. Being a photographer was my life. I took pictures all the time, and pretty much everything I photographed seemed interesting. Every single time I went out to take a picture was different. The circumstances were different. Every single time. You never knew what was going to unfold."

"Photograph dancers and athletes because they are proud of their bodies, they wouldn't mind posing for the camera."

"Like any great model, she doesn't mind being used."

"As much as I love pictures that have been set up, and as important as those pictures are to me, I'd rather photograph something that occurs on its own. The tension between those two kinds of photographs is at the heart of what I do. It's not a conflict, but sometimes it's useful to remember that things are happening right in front of you and that you don't have to complicate the situation. You can take what's given to you. You just need your mind and your eye."