here's my list of twenty-five goals to complete before turning twenty-six:

1. learn 50 new things by clicking on the 'random articles' button on wikipedia. [march 13]
2. discover at least twenty favorite new-to-me restaurants/cafes/bars. [december 2]
3. get to my goal weight range and maintain (exercise/eat healthy). [ongoing]
4. visit a museum for something i know nothing about. [october 28]
5. paint my nails in at least 10 different colors/styles. [march 15]
6. watch foreign films from 5 different countries. [december 22]
7. attend a comedy show/poetry reading. [september 5]
8. complete at least twenty paintings. [ongoing, 2/20]
9. learn to identify ten constellations. [august 12]
10. start a pressed flowers notebook. [april 17]
11. pay off at least one student loan. [ongoing]
12. make/design an original cocktail. [november 8]
13. create your own signature fragrance. [december 15]
14. learn how to properly meditate. [august 6]
15. showcase artwork in a gallery.
16. redecorate apartment space. [march 22]
17. buy a digital/film camera. [october 2]
18. write a personal manifesto.
19. retake my license photo. [may 26]
20. maintain a working blog. [march 10]
21. research my family tree. [april 1]
22. go wine tasting. [june 14]
23. learn to whistle.
24. try a full detox. [january 1]
25. visit iceland.

deadline:  THURSDAY, may 26, 2016.

20 favorite new-to-me restaurants/cafes/bars:

1. The Raygun Lounge/ 501 E. Pine St
2. The Hideout/ 1005 Boren Ave
3. Canterbury Ale House/ 534 15th Ave E
4. Kedai Makan/ 1802 Bellevue Ave
5. La Cocina & Cantina/ 432 Broadway E
6. Jai Thai/ 235 Broadway E
7. Dragonfish/ 722 Pine St
8. Hot Mamma's/ 700 E Pine St
9. NiteLite Lounge/ 1920 2nd Ave
10. Suite 410/ 410 Stewart St
11. Witness/ 410 Broadway E
12. Captain Blacks/ 129 Belmont Ave E
13. R Place/ 619 E Pine St
14. Lost Lake/ 1505 10th Ave
15. Japonessa/ 1400 1st Ave
16. John John's Game Room/ 1351 E Olive Way
17. Shorty's/ 2222 2nd Ave
18. Storyville Coffee Company/ 94 Pike St #34
19. Palomino/ 1420 5th Ave
20. Revolver Bar/ 1514 E Olive Way

Watch 5 Films From 5 Different Countries:

1. Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother, Too), Mexico
2. Ich seh, Ich seh (Goodnight Mommy), Austria
3. Freier Fall (Free Fall), Germany
4. Les Rencontres d'après minuit (You and the Night), France
5. Okuribito (Departures), Japan

Learn to identify 10 different constellations:

Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopeia, Sirius, Aquarius, Draco, Ursa Major, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo

Create Your own signature fragrance

fresh sake, myrrh, spicewood, teawood, and tobacco

Design a signature cocktail/ The Pitcher of Dorian Gray

1 part gin
¾ part fresh grapefruit juice
¾ part st-germain
¼ part simple syrup
½ muddled strawberry; a splash of strawberry balsamic

Shake all ingredients and strain into a highball glass (or make a shiz ton and put it in a pitcher bc "Pitcher of Dorian Gray", Pitcher like Picture, yaddi-yadda. Garnish with a mint sprig and half a strawberry. Not a whole strawberry, mind you. Not a quarter strawberry. A half strawberry, if you please. Merci beaucoup. VARIATION: Garnish with two whole strawberries and a fistful of mint sprigs, just to show who is boss. Oh, and garnish with a lime.

Visit a Museum For Something I Know Nothing About

50 new things learned via the "random article" button on wikipedia