i seldom remember my dreams. as my mind travels aimlessly while i'm unconscious, every little detail seems so vivid and clear. but as soon as i open my eyes, the memory is suddenly gone. vanished. i feel as though my hippocampus is slowly deteriorating with every slumber. today, i spent the golden hour with kelly k. up on quail hill trailhead. i randomly brought a peacock feather to use as inspiration. as it turns out, the peacock symbolizes immortality and renewal. what used to be a trail up a hill is now a fence with a sign that reads: "not a trail".  makes it more exhilarating of an experience knowing that you're somehow breaking the rules. the green beer bottle that we found on our last visit (almost six months ago) was still there. right where i found it, waiting to be reclaimed and officially discarded. we both laid on the grass, probably infested with ticks and fleas, and watched the cirrocumulus clouds above fade in and out with the setting sun. slowly. ever so slowly. autumn, how i adore you.

"go out and do something. it isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself."
— sylvia plath

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