Secrecy is your insulation. First, understand the value of secrecy. When you come into possession of a piece of information, no matter how trivial, which it would please you to impart to an acquaintance, keep silent, because this is your first attempt to practice the evolution of magnetism from repressed desire. This secret of yours is a unit mental magnetism stored up in your brain battery, and this secret hold begets a force which draws more force to it from without just as your money in a bank draws interest. The more secrets your store up in your mind, the greater repression or insulation you are exercising; so the greater your command over your impulses; so, the greater the store of your reserve-force, unwasted, unspent; ready to be of service to you in important enterprises.

Mystery. Your friend comes to you with an important piece of information. In the old days you would have expressed the liveliest surprise. You will change that. You will now receive the news kindly, but calmly, almost without comment, and the effect upon your friend will be one of astonishment that what has so deeply affected him has made so little impression upon you. You must show him that you are not uninterested, but he learns from your reception of the news that you are less easily thrown off your mental balance than he. Perhaps he had not noticed it before. What is the result? He recognizes in you a poise of character which he had not given you credit for. It makes him curious. Ah, you are beginning to gain his respect. You are a mystery to him.

You Rise Above Temptation. I wish to impress the point right here that temptation loses its power over you the moment you realize that you can trick it; rob it of its force and use that force for your own ends. Thus, at a step, you are placed above temptation-- a position men struggle all their lives to reach. To make the point still more clear, let us compare temptation to a bombshell. It falls near you with a lighted fuse. Knowing its nature and construction you act quickly and intelligently. You pluck out the fuse. Then the power of the bomb is yours to use as you see fit. The ignorant man would have allowed the explosion to take place and suffered the results.

The Magnetic Hand-shake. The hand-shake is also an important matter in meeting people. Looking him pleasantly between the eyes grasp your friend's hand firmly, well up around the back and palm. Don't shake his fingers. After a quick, warm pressure draw your hand away, passing your fingers down his palm and off at his finger tips if possible. It is the natural grip of cordiality and must have its effect.